Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning

For about the last 4 years Solar powered air conditioners are making headway with consumer interest. And with good reason, these air conditioners are definitely the way of the future. But are they a great option for the typical homeowner.

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Like all new technology that comes in the form of a consumer product it is expensive. These air conditioners tend to run approximately 5 times the cost of their non solar counterparts. This makes it very unaffordable to the average homeowner.

Solar powered air conditioners use clean energy

One of the great things about going with a Solar powered AC unit is that you are being environmentally friendly.  This will reduce your carbon foot print.  For some people cost will not be an issue as they try to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

With its higher cost it also becomes a issue of recovering the difference in savings on utility consumption. And certainly, if a solar powered air conditioner ever had a chance at recovering dollars spent on utility consumption, that would be in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has more sunny days than most other us cities. Along with those sunny days come very warm summers. An air conditioner in Las Vegas will definitely get a workout. The thing to consider is how many months out of the year do you really need an air conditioner. Most people would say that they only need an air conditioner about 5 months out of the year. Some might use it as much as six months. This means that it would be only saving you on utility bills for less than half a year.

There are heat pump options available that are solar powered. These air conditioners also do the heating of the home. The only problem with heating in Vegas is typically there are only two months out of the entire year that you really have to have a heater. There are scattered days in the month of December and February where you will also use your heater to make your home more comfortable. These days are few in comparison to other places.

Air Conditioning repairs for Las Vegas area can be expensive, you need to decide if repair or replace is best for you

If you are considering whether to do an air conditioning repair in Las Vegas or a replacement on your home, besides considering the above you would be wise to consider what the anticipated savings monthly might be. It would be a financially bad move to purchase a solar powered air conditioner, to replace a fully functioning air conditioning system on your home. On the other hand if your air conditioner must be replaced some of the expense would be offset by what you would spend any way, to purchase a new system for your home.

One thing is for sure is solar power is becoming more available in many areas of the United States. Sunny places like Las Vegas can benefit from solar energy. If you’re building a home there are packages that can be incorporated into the design and offset some of the expense that come with a retrofit. Air conditioners draw the most electricity on the typical Las Vegas household it would be wise to consider upgrading to solar powered air conditioners if you are building a new custom home.

TNA heating and cooling is a license Nevada air conditioning repair contractor. They do complete installation of new air conditioners as well as handle warranty repairs for several name brand manufacturers through out the Las Vegas valley. If you would like to discuss AC repair in Las Vegas installing new air conditioner or a new solar powered air conditioner you can contact them through their website.

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