Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Everstar Portable Air Conditioner – Find out how you can keep your Everstar air conditioner running for years to come

Expert Maintenance and Care

Much of the maintenance that must be done on your portable air conditioner unit should be performed by people with experience in this field. However, there are more than a few simple tasks though that you can do on your own without having to look for a professional to do it.
Clean Out The Evaporator

Cleaning out your evaporator is one of the easiest tasks you can do without professional help. If you could easily access it, then it’s definitely something you can do totally by yourself. If not, then you should reconsider opening it up.

Using a brush you could clean out the underside of the evaporator. You could pull it out a little if you have a tough time in getting to the far end. You only have to be cautious once pulling it out so you don’t damage any pipes.

Cleaning out the tray of the bottom of the evaporator is also a good thing to do. You must be certain that moisture doesn’t accumulate there. You may also put some bleach on the pan so you could prevent fungus from growing.

Cleaning Out The Condenser

You have to be certain that it doesn’t gather any dust, leave and additional debris that could affect the functioning of the unit. The top part of the condenser should get dirt removed from it constantly. It is a good idea to also cut down grass that is probably growing around the unit.

Try getting a commercial coil cleanser for the maintenance of the condenser. These commercial cleaners can be found within home improvement stores or through shops online. When you use these chemicals do your best to follow the directions of the manufacturers.

When it comes to the maintenance of your portable AC, these are only some of the things that you need to know about. These tips may help you with saving a bunch of money when it comes to maintaining your A/C unit properly.

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