Parking Lot Oil Spills – Potentially Dangerous!

While talking about oil spills, most of us chew on marine oil spills, home and garage oil spills, and every other thing but parking lot oil spills. Oil leaks in parking lots are equally dangerous and are one of the major causes for water pollution. Surprising isn’t it? What will surprise you even more is that these spills are also a cause for the heating up of urban areas. Knowing the dangers, you would want to know ways on how to deal with such spills. So, here are a few tips on how to cleanup parking lot oil spills in a greener way.

Another fact that needs a mention is that it’s not just those oil specks in the parking areas that are risky; the method in which they are cleaned up also have a certain amount of risk factor to it. Water washing or using detergents to remove oil from the parking lots will seem to be a good idea. The area even appears to be free of oil and dirt. However the fact is that this method is even worse than the oil spill itself. They only wash down oil spills, eventually contaminating the water bodies nearby. The same is the case when it rains. So, it’s better to get rid of parking lot oil spills regularly.

Wondering what could be the best way to treat oil spills? Using Oil Gone Easy S-200, an environmentally safe oil spill cleanup product is a great idea. No more water pollution or unsightly oil specks in the parking lot!

Apart from oil spills, parking lots also account for increased temperatures and extensive land usage in urban areas. Some public parking lots occupy almost two times the area of their buildings, which tells us how much land goes unused. Shared parking lots are far better as they minimize land usage. Everything right from construction costs, property costs, and cleaning costs will come down. Also, a genuine sense of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parking lot owners that urge them to keep the shared area clean.

Dividing the parking area into small sections, going for combined-use parking areas, or using eco-friendly oil spill cleaners to get rid of the oil spills as and when they occur can help deal with the situation. So, if you wish to save our environment, then go green in your parking issues. Make use of Oil Gone Easy S-200, which is available in 5 gallon pails to keep your parking area spotless!

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